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In a perfect world, people wouldn't be judged on the basis of what they like to do for recreational purposes. In a perfect world, one's worth as an employee will not be decided by if they like to smoke pot every weekend. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and companies, since they want to protect their employees, reputation, and ensure their growth, will hold screening drug tests as well as mandate random drug testing procedures to prevent these counterproductive individuals from working and disturbing the decorum of the workplace. It is wrong to judge people based on solely this but what can we do?

It is obvious that if you fail a certain drug test, you will also have to face consequences which can be pretty bad and unfavorable. What happens when you fail to pass a drug test? What should your expect if you are unsuccessful in clearing a drug test? Things will happen and there is nothing much you can do about it. Let us discuss a general idea of what goes on after you fail a drug test.

When you fail a drug test, a Medical Review Officer would interview you to ask you about your food habits, medication you are on, and other things of importance. There is possibly no reason why you should test positive for a drug test and have them in your system and if you are a marijuana user, things get even worse for you because it can stay in the system for many weeks.

what if i fail my drug test

If you have applied for a position in some company and are worried about a surprise screening drug test then don't worry. The state laws only allow a company to test an applicant for drugs if the said applicant has already been made aware of it. If you do not agree with the drug test or think you would not be able to pass it then the best option for you is to turn down the interview entirely instead of getting a failed drug test in your history record.

Now, what if you take the chance and use some tactics to clear your system and cheat on a drug test and they fail. What happens then? A company is under no obligation to report the failed drug tests to the police or any other law enforcement agency. In fact, the law asks them to protect the privacy of the individuals instead of exposing them. However, there are certain occupations like drivers, and other government jobs require one to release the results to the DMV because these involve public safety and security. What happens when you fail a drug test? You lose the job but it is rare to get into legal trouble or have your results exposed to law enforcement. Time to learn how to pass a urine drug test at home without stupid cleansing products. Its easy to get weed out of your system fast if you follow this guide.